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Supply Chain Security

Microelectronics Security
The increasing reliance on microelectronics in its warfighting systems has made DOD vulnerable to a variety of threats to integrity, reliability, and security. While attention has been focused on protecting software used to operate mission-critical equipment and systems, the potential for compromises to hardware, specifically Integrated Circuits (ICs) installed in virtually every end item used by DOD, has become as great a threat. Government agencies have documented cases of foreign suppliers or foreign governments engaged in:

  • Counterfeiting: Fabricating ICs that do not meet DOD specifications and fail under stress
  • Espionage: Modifying ICs to allow outside actors access to equipment in order to gain valuable information about mission-critical systems
  • Sabotage: Programming ICs to fail, making an end item inoperable or allowing an outside actor to take control of the equipment

Additionally, since many ICs are procured from overseas manufacturers, there is a greater possibility of supply-chain disruption (intentional or unintentional), potentially delaying or canceling delivery of mission-critical components for DOD systems. DOD has recognized these threats and has taken aggressive steps to insure that ICs are procured from trusted sources. Since 2007, Defined Business Solutions has been assisting DOD's Trusted Foundry Program in making government agencies and defense contractors aware of the threats to microelectronics posed by malicious actors.
DBS supports defense supply chain security through multiple channels:

  • Produces White Papers outlining threats to microelectronics
  • Prepares informational brochures on threats to microelectronics and methods of mitigation
  • Participates in DOD and industry planning and strategy sessions focused on microelectronics security
  • Manages the DoD Trusted Foundry Program outreach program