"Defined Business Solutions' market analysis and production forecasts have proven to be valuable tools in running my business. Using DBS’ business analysis services are more cost effective than using internal sources. Furthermore, there is an additional benefit of having an independent point of view of our markets."

Senior Director,
Aerospace Company

Government Services
Government Services

Acquisition Support

Defined Business Solutions has extensive experience in bringing together government agencies and private industry to place the right technology with agencies that can use it effectively. We have industry-wide understanding of various high-technology markets, making it possible for us to help agencies select the best technology solutions for their programs. We also have the capability to align available technology with regulatory, financial and market environments to help agencies develop the best plan for acquiring what they need under real-world conditions. DBS works with clients throughout the procurement life cycle. Specifically, we:

  • Conduct extensive research to identify the right technology solutions
  • Develop appropriate procurement strategies
  • Research applicable federal regulations, specific program requirements, and technical specifications to assure that private firms competing for government contracts can meet the requirements for winning the contract
  • Design rigorous measures to evaluate competitive bidders, and assist agencies throughout the selection process
  • Work closely with both private businesses and government agencies to identify and secure appropriate financing
  • Assist agencies in integrating new technologies into their programs