"Defined Business Solutions' market analysis and production forecasts have proven to be valuable tools in running my business. Using DBS’ business analysis services are more cost effective than using internal sources. Furthermore, there is an additional benefit of having an independent point of view of our markets."

Senior Director,
Aerospace Company

Government Services
Government Services

Program Structuring

For fifteen years, DBS has worked with government program managers to create and maintain programs that support key agencies which rely on technology innovations to provide services and assure security for the United States. DBS has the capability to:

  • Provide initial concept research
  • Conduct assessments of current research being done by government, private industry, and the academic community that would support the new program
  • Design a proposed program structure
  • Develop clear planning milestones and associated funding requirements, including life cycle cost analysis
  • Conduct feasibility studies and develop plans for cost reduction
  • Prepare detailed reports and presentations that agency managers can use to secure program funding
  • Identify partners in private industry that can provide the right technology to make the program successful
  • Create outreach programs to industry and to other government agencies
  • Prepare communications plans to inform key stakeholders and generate continued support for the program
  • Develop surveys to obtain user feedback on program effectiveness