"Superb analysis skills, ability to innovate without specific direction, dedication to getting the job done and prescience for just the right look and feel for the end product are just a few of the reasons for employing DBS."

Executive Director,
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Business Services

Acquisition Support

DBS has fifteen years' experience helping clients expand their businesses and increase revenues through acquisitions and mergers. In fact, DBS principals have been involved 'deep in the background' supporting many of the major aerospace acquisitions since the mid-1980s. We understand that acquiring a business, whether a competitor or a complementary enterprise, involves much more than simply purchasing the assets. Companies contemplating an acquisition need to plan carefully. DBS can help at every step of the way, providing:

  • Strategic assessments of your company's present position in the market, helping you determine if an acquisition or merger is in your best interest
  • Analysis of your company's current capabilities
  • Market architecture development
  • Target company identification and due diligence, including extensive research on the target company's current capabilities and potential
  • Analysis of key non-business factors such as the political and cultural climate of regions where opportunities for acquisitions or mergers exist
  • Integration planning

We have assisted dozens of companies improve their operations, enhance their portfolio of products and services, and grow their bottom lines through acquisitions and mergers. Equally important, our extensive research and due diligence has on occasion led us to recommend against unwise acquisitions, saving clients millions in funds that would have been ill-spent.