"Superb analysis skills, ability to innovate without specific direction, dedication to getting the job done and prescience for just the right look and feel for the end product are just a few of the reasons for employing DBS."

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Case Study: Independent Analysis of Acquisition Plan


A European-based leader in rotary aircraft development and manufacturing was interested in buying a major U.S. competitor. Internal staff had recommended the purchase but management wanted an independent analysis.


Based on thorough market, political and cultural research and analysis, DBS discovered that the client’s internal staff had underestimated the impact of the company’s proposed elimination of the target company’s name which is commonly associated with the birth of rotary-wing aircraft. DBS instead recommended that the client abandon its $1 billion plans to purchase the competitor and pursue a limited joint venture as a less risky first step toward business combination.


The client avoided a disastrous venture. DBS’ prediction that the target company’s program would be canceled due to diminishing political support proved to be correct.

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