"Superb analysis skills, ability to innovate without specific direction, dedication to getting the job done and prescience for just the right look and feel for the end product are just a few of the reasons for employing DBS."

Executive Director,
Research Organization

Business Services

Strategic Planning

DBS adds value to your strategic planning by facilitating the process for the company. We work with you from concept to execution, bringing key managers and staff at the company into the planning process, facilitating interaction among company personnel, and keeping people on task. We have been doing strategic planning for a long time and have developed a successful process. When you work with DBS on strategic planning, you can expect us to:

  • Conduct extensive research on your company and develop a sound sense of its current and future capabilities
  • Involve key decision-makers in the planning process
  • Facilitate planning meetings and draft documents for review by company personnel throughout our engagement
  • Conduct extensive market analysis and provide detailed market intelligence that leads to sound recommendations regarding future business opportunities; DBS consistently uncovers new opportunities that their clients did not see
  • Perform a detailed competitor analysis to identify opportunities for expansion and ward off threats
  • When appropriate, develop recommendations for cyclical business balancing or company restructuring to help you upgrade your business or marketing models to adapt to changing competitive dynamics
  • Prepare presentations and reports for submission to Boards of Directors and other key decision-makers