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Case Study: Port Security


A leading-edge U.S. technology communications firm was interested in expanding into the port security market. Its intent was to create growth through technology insertion and customer synergy with existing Department of Homeland Security and Customs & Border Security customers.


DBS conducted a comprehensive analysis of past, present, and evolving markets as well as the technology trends in the port security market. The DBS team was augmented with independent nationally recognized experts in the field. Extensive customer interviews were conducted at leading U.S. ports including the Port of Long Beach and the Port Authority of New York/New Jersey. DBS provided the client with a detailed technology roadmap, competitor profiles, teaming and acquisition candidates, and potential market penetration strategies. DBS recommended that the client not pursue this new initiative. Its reasons included a lack of existing client-customer synergy, major port communication infrastructure build-out since 9/11, and the significant investment required to create the necessary marketing infrastructure to capture potential opportunities.


The client avoided an estimated $3 million in cost, as well as valuable time and management attention associated with such an effort. The client subsequently focused its limited resources on market opportunities that resulted in higher returns to the company.

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