"Superb analysis skills, ability to innovate without specific direction, dedication to getting the job done and prescience for just the right look and feel for the end product are just a few of the reasons for employing DBS."

Executive Director,
Research Organization

Business Services

Case Study: U.S. Homeland Security Opportunity Assessment


A major U.S. aerospace communications system manufacturer was seeking to identify homeland security opportunities to offset declining Department of Defense budgets.


DBS examined existing and emerging programs, the political environment, product fit and partnering opportunities. Program managers in every office and agency with potential opportunity were interviewed to determine attractiveness of client’s existing products or whether new features might be needed and agency profiles were developed. DBS’ final report included a prioritized list of opportunities as well as a pre-screened government contact for each. In addition, DBS developed a highly specific marketing plan that targeted key decision-makers and offered context for each office that helped with the marketing approach and messaging.


The client established a new Homeland Security business center and won a $5 million contract in the first year after acting upon DBS' recommendations.

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