"Superb analysis skills, ability to innovate without specific direction, dedication to getting the job done and prescience for just the right look and feel for the end product are just a few of the reasons for employing DBS."

Executive Director,
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Business Development

Defined Business Solutions has a proven track record of helping clients grow their businesses by developing innovative strategies to attract new customers and expand their presence in existing markets or enter new ones. DBS can perform many roles traditionally handled by staff, including specialized expertise in research, financial analysis, presentation and communication. Our expertise across a wide spectrum of high-technology industries allows us to identify opportunities to dovetail your company's innovations and capabilities with emerging products, services, and government needs. We know how to integrate technology readiness with product development timelines, market factors, and economic conditions into the planning process, giving you sound recommendations that can increase revenues. With its unique capabilities, DBS is able to:

  • Assess the status of your current operation and recommend operating efficiencies that will position you more favorably for growth
  • Conduct detailed market assessments to identify gaps in existing services, potential competition from companies with similar products or services, possibilities for partnerships, and opportunities for role expansion
  • Develop roadmaps that lay out milestones and determine financial requirements for growing your business
  • Provide realistic recommendations for initiating expansion plans
  • Prepare reports, presentations, and communications plans to help you disseminate accurate, timely information to company stakeholders and potential clients